Oct 062015

Olive Oil of the Month Club!
Don’t know which oil to pick?  Stop looking and start enjoying!  Let us do the picking for you by subscribing to our Olive Oil of the Month Club.  Select from 3, 6 or 12 month memberships and receive a hand-picked, ultra premium olive oil from one of our top producers automatically shipped to your doorstep every month along with added complimentary samples of some other wonderful products for you to try! All Shipments will arrive with the description, sensory analysis and the chemical analysis of your olive oil.
*All Club Prices are ONE-TIME fees and include shipping. This is not a recurring membership. If you would like to re-join after your membership expires, you will need to do so online or in the store.
3 Month-$99
6 Month-$189
12 Month-$369
What oils will I receive?
Each month we’ll choose one ultra premium olive oil from our national and international selection to send straight to your doorstep. To ensure you’re always getting something new and exciting, we will always do our best to offer an olive oil from a different country, region and varietal with each month. Each bottle measures 750ml.
All of the olive oils we offer are the highest quality extra virgin and come from the best producers around the world. The oils you receive will be from the most recent harvest year we have available and in stock for that region.
When will I receive my oils each month?
Each shipment is shipped during the first week of each month.
Note: If you sign up for the club on the first day of a month, your membership will officially start the following month. For example, orders placed on May 31st will ship during the first week of June; however, orders placed on June 1st will ship the first week of July. All shipments delivered Priority Mail from the US Postal Service.
May I give a club membership as a gift?
Of course! The Olive Oil of the Month Club is a great gift for any foodie. Just remember to put the gift recipient’s information on the information card.
Are there any perks to being a member?
Why yes! Yes there are! I’m glad you asked!

All Olive Oil Club Members will also receive 15% off all purchases online or in the store while membership is in effect. This member discount is not available in combination with any other discounts or coupons. Olive Oil Club Members will receive their own unique discount code to use while shopping online. This code is to be used by the member only and shipping address must match members address.

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